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Captain of My Heart

The Gentleman Spy…

As a favor for the pirate who once saved his life, jaded sea captain Jack Aston agrees to ferry the man’s outspoken daughter from Nassau to England. While her spirit and daring captivate him; he must keep the petite spitfire at arm’s length or risk her becoming embroiled in his latest mission for the crown.

The Pirate’s Daughter…

Vivian Jamieson is not happy being shipped off to England to visit her aunts -- even if it is to protect her from her father’s enemies. She may be a fish out of water in the London ballrooms but she’s a natural at espionage. Together she and Jack track down a traitor and battle a murderous pirate. As Vivian unravels Jack’s secrets one by one she is determined to convince this reluctant hero to let go of his past and realize he is already the captain of her heart.

Full of secrets, danger, and love, Captain of My Heart is a book you won’t be able to put down once you pick it up. - SW (Amazon)

Wow! This is my first time reading a novel from Karla Kratovil and I was not disappointed. Full of drama, sex and romance, what more can a girl want? - Courtney (Goodreads)

What a great debut novel by Karla Kratovil. I really enjoyed the fast paced story, and especially the strong female lead, Vivian. I definitely recommend for a delightful escape into another world.
- Mary (Goodreads)


The Duke of Gilchrest, spends his days restoring his inheritance, raising his two young sons, and forging a path past his guilt over his wife’s death. Then one night he catches a thief breaking into his bedroom and his well-ordered world is turned upside down.

Emma Whittingham is leading a double life. Her father’s suicide leaves her to care for her five younger siblings alone. Her estranged uncle is in no financial position to be their guardian, but he does teach her the only skill he knows, how to be a jewel thief.

The trouble is she can’t seem to stay away from the sexy duke. Each time she visits him under the cover of darkness is another chance he will figure out her real identity. Then one job goes terribly wrong, and she must ask for help from the only man powerful enough to protect her and her family from ruin.

Thief of My Heart

This book is so fresh and gripping–I could not put it down. - Smut Report 

(read the entire review here)

I enjoyed this book so much I have hardly slept for devouring it.- Clyve Rose (Goodreads)

When you want to get into a sexy read, here you go! ;) Karla Kratovil is a superb writer...she really gets into the story...and your absorption is absolute! - Stuart (Goodreads)

Unmask My Heart

Caroline Langdon has gained a reputation for being unattainable; she has turned down twelve offers of marriage over the past four years. A traumatic incident from her past has convinced her she never wants to belong to any man. Her plan to live as a wealthy spinster is tested when she meets the enigmatic Lord Wrotham.

For his new assignment for the crown, Cage Morgan must slip into the one role he’s never wanted, his title as the Earl of Wrotham. Lady Caroline is in grave danger. His job is to watch over her and investigate which of her jilted suitors wants her dead. But keeping tabs on the clever and fiery lady will prove to be challenging. And ignoring the attraction that flares between them impossible.

Will a daring rescue and a fake engagement lead two guarded hearts to take a risk on a passionate love neither of them thought imaginable?

APerfect Engagement

When Charlotte Grisham is saved from an out-of-control carriage by a handsome gentleman, she knows fate has sent her the perfect man. The Marquis of Hawksridge is titled, handsome, and heroic -- precisely the kind of gentleman her parents want for her husband. Before she knows it, she is engaged to be married. 

Daniel Weston can’t believe his identical twin brother is marrying a lady he barely knows. Moreover, he’s begging off his own engagement party. Daniel allows his twin to talk him into going to the week-long house party in his stead…just for a few days. They used to pretend to be each other all the time in their youth. What could possibly go wrong?

Charlotte immediately realizes her fiancé has sent in a doppelgänger, but continues the ruse so no one will realize her fiancé has all but abandoned her. Everyone sees her as perfectly behaved. But perfect girls do not share searing kisses with men who are not their betrothed. Charlotte knows her duty, but Daniel is turning out to be her real hero.

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