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Rumors, Ruin and the Duke

He needs the truth and then revenge…

The Duke of Hartwick returns to London for the sole purpose to find and punish those who murdered his father and brother and nearly killed him for getting too close to the truth. But he doesn’t count on his great aunt and her charming and intelligent companion, Lucy Middleton awaiting his return. In another life, he and Lucy flirted and danced around their attraction. But his close brush with death has forever changed him. Lucy is as lovely as ever, but he won’t lose focus on his quest for the truth.

Lucy bursts back into his life like a ray of very determined sunshine. She needs his help avoiding an unpleasant suitor, and she declares he needs her help to rejoin society. As he begins his search, Lucy continuously interferes, no matter how much he growls at her. How is a man supposed to exact revenge with a persistent and beautiful companion always at his side?

As the Duke and Lucy join forces to investigate, they risk physical danger, scandal, and both of their hearts.

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