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Saving a Scoundrel

The death of a friend leads the cautious Eleanor Spencer to reevaluate her life. In a rare impulse, she kisses the man of her dreams—her best friend’s older brother. The moment of madness gives her courage to take more chances. This spring, she will finally travel to London for the social season. All she needs is to compile a list of adventures to complete. At the top of her list? Kiss Lucius Grisham again…

Barely surviving since his father severed his funds, Lucius Grisham works two respectable jobs, and one decidedly disreputable job, just to keep up critical appearances. When Ellie becomes the target of a sordid bet made by his rakehell friends, Lucius must step in to protect his sister’s friend. As he finds himself pulled into helping Ellie with her list of adventures, he is surprised to find his jaded heart tempted by the innocent beauty. But Ellie Spencer is far too good for a scoundrel like him.

Ellie will endanger both her heart and her virtue to make Lucius hers. Can Lucius become the man Ellie believes him to be?

Reviews for Saving the Scoundrel

"Ellie and Lucius will keep you smiling and turning pages in this quick paced story full of sweet, funny and outrageous moments. You can’t help but root for this couple!"

Brandi - Bookbub reviewer

A highly enjoyable historical romance that sizzles and sparkles with colorful period detail, wit, humor, sensuality and heart, readers cannot help but be enchanted by Karla Kratovil's Saving a Scoundrel. Fun, emotional and delightful, readers will cheer on spirited Eleanor and fall head over heels in love with Lucius.

Julie - Goodreads reviewer

I loved, loved, LOVED this story. We all love a good scoundrel, and after falling on hard times and being forced to make his own way, Lucius defintely qualifies. Then in walks Ellie and all his rough edges instantly start to smoothe. I loved their chemistry. I loved seeing Lucius start to believe in himself again. A fantastic read, and I already can't wait for book 3 of this series!

Shannon - Bookbub reviewer

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