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Thief of My Heart

The Duke of Gilchrest, spends his days restoring his inheritance, raising his two young sons, and forging a path past his guilt over his wife’s death. Then one night he catches a thief breaking into his bedroom and his well-ordered world is turned upside down.

Emma Whittingham is leading a double life. Her father’s suicide leaves her to care for her five younger siblings alone. Her estranged uncle is in no financial position to be their guardian, but he does teach her the only skill he knows, how to be a jewel thief.

The trouble is she can’t seem to stay away from the sexy duke. Each time she visits him under the cover of darkness is another chance he will figure out her real identity. Then one job goes terribly wrong, and she must ask for help from the only man powerful enough to protect her and her family from ruin.

Reviews for Thief of My Heart

This book is so fresh and gripping–I could not put it down.  

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Smut Report

I enjoyed this book so much I have hardly slept for devouring it.

Clyve Rose / Goodreads reviewer

One of the best books I ever read! There is no lapse of adventure in this heart-warming book filled with rich characters and a very lovable dog. 

Taylor / Amazon reviewer

When you want to get into a sexy read, here you go! ;) Karla Kratovil is a superb writer...she really gets into the story...and your absorption is absolute!

Stuart / Goodreads reviewer

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