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The Lost Lords

Being the spare is all fun and games until everything you hold dear is destroyed.


Four men will have to unravel family secrets in order to claim their rightful place in society and protect the women they've come to love from a insidious alliance determined to maintain the status quo.

Out July 11, 2024!


Rumors, Ruin and the Duke

A damaged duke determined to uncover sins from the past

The only woman who could tempt him away from his plans of revenge

Can he accept that she could love him, scars and all, or will his need for answers end up plunging them both into peril?

"An awesome story of pain, suffering and love. Lucy loves Hart and refuses to give up on him even when he's given up on himself. Hart feels lost without his father and brother and longs for revenge. Together Hart and Lucy try to unravel the mystery and find love along the way. The story moves quickly to keep the reader's interest until the last page. An excellent read!"

~ Goodreads reviewer

"There is a good mix of dark and light while the story weaves the budding love story with the dangerous mystery. It was a real page turner and kept me captivated to see how both the mystery and love story turned out."

~ Goodreads reviewer

The Maidens of Marbury

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Amazon reviewer

"A sparkling historical romance, Karla Kratovil's A Perfect Engagement is a delightful Regency tale with a wonderful heroine, an honorable and charismatic hero and plenty of high society hi-jinks, delicious humor, tender passion and intense emotion to keep readers avidly turning the pages."


Goodreads reviewer

A highly enjoyable historical romance that sizzles and sparkles with colorful period detail, wit, humor, sensuality and heart, readers cannot help but be enchanted by Karla Kratovil's Saving a Scoundrel. Fun, emotional and delightful, readers will cheer on spirited Eleanor and fall head over heels in love with Lucius.

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Bookbub reviewer

Thank you so much Ms. Kratovil for this wonderful love story. I look forward to seeing how the couples in this series are matched up and reading their stories.

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Hearts of Stoneleigh Manor series?

Book One

Captain of My Heart

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